Installation Process

Siding Installation Process and Steps

  1. You will receive a call with a start date for your project.
  2. Remove existing siding (if necessary), lights, numbers, mailboxes, etc.
  3. Inspect for rotted wood and replace at $5.00 a foot upon customer approval. Install heavy duty mounting systems for all lights, hose bibs, electrical outlets, exhaust vents and dryer vents.
  4. Install custom accessory package, which includes starter strip, and 3/4" J channel, which is installed around all windows and doors.
  5. Install premium insulation or Tyvek when ordered by the homeowner.
  6. Install vinyl corner posts.
  7. Install premium vinyl siding.
  8. Install finish trim on the final course and under all windowsills.
  9. Furnish and install custom louvers & shutters.
  10. Cap all rake, fascia, and freeze trim in PVC-coated aluminum coil stock.
  11. Check overhang for proper air intake to ventilate the roof.
  12. Install perforated vinyl soffit where necessary.
  13. Caulk and seal with O.S.I. Quad Advanced Formula Sealant.
  14. Install gutters and downspouts using a hidden hanger fastening system.
  15. Clean up and haul away all job related debris.

Please remove any valuables hanging on your walls as they may become unstable during the construction process.